Thursday, May 11, 2006


I have decided to create a blog to keep a record of all my research and analysis during my Live Project. Although it is nearing the end of the project I still think it is an important way of documenting my work, and I hope to receive some feedback from all of you out there to help me along my way. I have just started to build a website (a skill I have been learning gradually using html coding, no fancy Flash etc) and once this has a stable structure and lots of interesting content I will post the address on here for you to look at and comment on. Other than that I have also been analysing existing websites (particularly the Naked Scientists website as I am hoping to design some layouts for them using my new web design knowledge) so I will also post some links and personal views about them. (see for the current's a fascinating website as it is).
For now I had better get back to building that website!


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