Wednesday, May 24, 2006

still learning!

It's coming down to the last few days of this project now and I'm still learning more and more! I have now started to apply css styles to my website...particularly using it for the body text and to change how the links look. I can now have my links staying exactly the same whether they have been visited or not....instead of that tell tale bright blue or purple underlining! It makes the whole site look that little bit more professional, and I can tell why people love cascading style sheets as they are so easy to attach to all of your pages and change the aesthetics with a click on a button!

Since making changes I have had to upload my new pages and because I am now back to working on a PC I am using SmartFTP, which seems to be working well. It was a bit complicated to use at first but I think I've got it. I am also in love with Firefox! I didn't realise how much Internet Explorer was letting me down!


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