Thursday, May 25, 2006


This blog has been slightly neglected as I have been working away at design ideas and the website...the new updated website is now up and running permanently at

I am really pleased with the results as this project has been a massive learning curve for me.
Please feel free to comment as much as you like, especially if it's positive!

It's my 21st birthday tomorrow, so I am going to be very pleased to hand this project in and celebrate!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the conclusion...

Now that I feel I have an ever expanding knowledge of web design, I am going back to the task in hand! My original brief was to redesign the workings and aesthetics of the Naked Scientists website. Obviously my project has taken a very long route to get to this point, so I am now just going to focus on redesigning the home page of the site using the analysis I did at the very start of this project...

This was my first dissection of the site...

From an A2 sheet I managed to simplify the site onto one A4 page...I concentrated on the main headings and subheadings, as there are even more links within these subheadings but all navigation comes back to the home page, so this is the priority.

Sorry that plan isn't very clear, but I have now written out my design clear and simple. I added colour to distinguish between each heading but I don't have to stick with these colours.

still learning!

It's coming down to the last few days of this project now and I'm still learning more and more! I have now started to apply css styles to my website...particularly using it for the body text and to change how the links look. I can now have my links staying exactly the same whether they have been visited or not....instead of that tell tale bright blue or purple underlining! It makes the whole site look that little bit more professional, and I can tell why people love cascading style sheets as they are so easy to attach to all of your pages and change the aesthetics with a click on a button!

Since making changes I have had to upload my new pages and because I am now back to working on a PC I am using SmartFTP, which seems to be working well. It was a bit complicated to use at first but I think I've got it. I am also in love with Firefox! I didn't realise how much Internet Explorer was letting me down!

Monday, May 22, 2006


At last! My website is up and running! There is still so much I would love to do to develop it and I am going to continue working at it, but time is running out. I still hope to apply cascading style sheets to some of the pages, and also to show more advanced designs for the Naked Scientists website using the idea of metaphors. But for now...

My Live Project Website

Saturday, May 20, 2006

new logo

The Naked Scientists have a new logo! It's based on the original design, but is much clearer and includes lots of images related to the site which I think works well. The colour scheme is still the same (minus the green) but they have used more white space. Take a look...

the forum...

I posted my blog address on the Naked Scientists forum so people have commented there, rather than on here. When there are a few more replies I will post them on here or on my website. I am also going to see if I can put my blog link on the Vis. Com. blog so that fellow students can give me feedback. STILL haven't managed to upload my website although I am still working on it...if anybody reads this and knows of reliable free webspace PLEASE let me know! Going to work on some designs for a possible layout for the Naked Scientists website now.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

what do you think?

Starting to realise what little time I have left on this project, so I really to need to create some discussion so that I can generate helpful feedback. For the conclusion of this project I want to put together some possible design ideas for the Naked Scientists website, that they can consider when they next redevelop their site. I am interested in the use of metaphors within website design and would like to apply this idea to my own designs. The most common metaphor in this line of design, that you probably come across nearly everyday, is your own computer desktop. The layout and structure of your own computer has been based on a real desk. Mac desktops have emphasised this even more with their own Dashboard, containing a clock, a calendar, a calculator etc.

So what do you think about the metaphors used in these websites?

Does the design enhance the site, or hinder it?

Is it just a novelty effect, or do you think it creates easier navigation?

Please comment!

Click here for Nobby's Nuts Website

Click here for Athlete's Website

Click here for Stain Removal Website

give me some space...

Tried to upload 'the website so far' last night using a great deal of success. You have to upload each file one at a time (rather than the whole root folder), which is infuriating in itself, and then even once that was all done my images didn't appear on the website! So now I need to find some other free web space (possibly through ntl) and also need to download Firefox and an equivalent Fetch program to help me continue with this blog and my website. On the up side I did discover how to place pictures on my blog...

This is the home page to the Naked Scientists website.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the next step

Been working on the website...still. Getting a bit frustrated as I still can't quite work everything and think I need to make the next step into using cascading style sheets. Going to attempt uploading it now...wish me good luck! Then I need to learn how to get pictures up on this thing!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

squirreling away...

right...I'm still working on the website! It's only a few pages so far but I'm going to upload it soon so that everybody can see how I'm doing and make suggestions. I also need to decorate this blog a bit more....get some pictures, photos and links for you all to look at and admire! all in time...